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October 19, 2012
by dougalnsps

About Me

Hi I’m Dougal and I am twelve. I live on a farm out side of North Star. I like riding my motorbike and my horse. My family has two dogs, a kelpie and a blue cattle dog, a cat, three horses, lots of cattle and a few other animals. I also like helping my dad around the property and when I grow up I would like to study agricultural science so I can be an awesome farmer.

December 3, 2012
by dougalnsps
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Data Project

Over the last few months our class have been working on a data project with schools from Alaska  Ireland  Taiwan, Costa Rica, Illinois  Canada and Woodgonga. It’s about collecting data like temperatures, hours of sunlight and rainfall. We all posted and shared photos of land forms and wildlife pictures to show what it’s like in other climates and places.


November 23, 2012
by dougalnsps

Book Review

The book series I have chosen to review are the ‘Tomorrow when the War Began’ series. the author is John Marsdon. I have read a couple of John Marsdon books before, but what mainly inspired me was the movie. And so I chose to read the books.


I’m four books into the series out of seven. I am really enjoying them. Its’s about a country that gets invaded and everyone gets captured accept a few teenagers that didn’t get caught and are now fighting for their lives and country. My favourite part is when they do one of there attack on a big shipping port and i like it because the use awesome methods and very elaborate plans and they always have a plan B.


My favourite character is Ellie who is the main character too.  I like her because she is very brave. She thinks for everyone  and becomes very serious when it is serious time. Ellie leads the guys in all the attacks and is very good at being a leader. Before the invasion she was just an average school kid. She shows great courage; when her parents were taken she still lived on with her life. And every time she feels depression she goes and does something to forget about it.


I give these books a ten out of ten. They’re probably not the most appropriate books for little kids. I give my recommendation to twelve  and up. The books are great if you like action.

November 15, 2012
by dougalnsps
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Billy Cart

Over the last few weeks before the 9th of November we were preparing two billy carts for the derby day on Friday the 9th November. We had one day at the Weatheralls place where a few of the 5 & 6’s came out to start making the billy cart with Pricie, Dad, Dave and Troy. We finished the frame at the end of the day.

With time left before the derby day Dad took it home to finish it. Then he dropped it off at school where we painted it. For our other billy cart we just re-painted the old one. When the day came the Smiths transported the billy carts to Warialda.

My part in the portfolio was sketching and finding the costs of the resources.

The day was fun, the first part of the day was the down hill competition which was fun in the rain. Then we wet undercover to do the obstacle race. After that we had a sausage sizzle and went home. My favourite part was going through the water on the down hill race because we got wet.

October 31, 2012
by dougalnsps

Clay Monster


Clay Monster

At the end of last term we had to make a clay monster with Mrs Backus. We started off by planning our monster by drawing our design of it. Mrs Backus gave us some stimulus pictures to give some ideas. My design ended up after a couple of false starts a dragon dinosaur thing. In our designs we had to draw all different views of it.


A couple of days later Mrs Backus came in to make the monsters. We all got one or two pieces of clay each that were five centimetres by five centimetres big. She showed us a couple of tricks and which one of those was making a pinch pot. A pinch pot is a half circle. To make it you had to push your thumbs into the clay in a circle and it then becomes a pinch pot. For my monster I had to make two pinch pots and then join them together to make the stomach. I had to make a couple of limbs and stuff like legs and a neck.


Eventually everyone finished their monster and Mrs Backus then took them to get them fired in a kiln at Inverell over the holidays. Too fire the clay it takes about two hours. After the holidays Mrs Backus bang them back so we could put the first coat of paint. My base colour was a light lime green sort of colour.


A few days later Mrs Backus came back with the monster. We then put the decoration paint on it. I put little bits of red on mine. Mrs Backus put a clear paint on it to make them shine and look good.


Thankyou Mrs Backus for the great fun we had and thankyou Ross Hill School for letting us use their kiln.

I Learnt


I learnt during the process a lot of things which include; I did not know that the clay had to be fired in a kiln and that you have to use special paint. I also never knew that if you fidde with clay it dries up.

By Dougal

October 24, 2012
by dougalnsps
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State Athletics

On Wednesday 17th Dad and I traveled after school up to Moree to catch a plane to Sydney for the pssa state athletics carnival. We arrived in Sydney at about 9:30pm and caught a taxi to too the Pullman hotel in Homebush.

The next morning we headed across the road to the Olympic park. We waited a while before we got marshaled and then we got called for our first heat. We were all excited and very nervous. It was very cool because we were about to run on an ash fault track. I was the first runner, kara 2nd, Ben O 3rd and Henry 4th.

In our first heat we ended up 5th and 11th overall. We had to wait around a while to see if we were in the semi-finals which we were. This time we weren’t as nervous because we had done it before.

We ended up 13th overall which was great. We left Sydney that afternoon on a plane back to Moree with the Hardcastles.

September 17, 2012
by Dad

MacIntyre Story


 I jump out of the car. My feet sink into the warm golden sand and the suns warm rays beats upon my face. It feels so good to finally arrive and it feels so relaxing to get out of the car after the long drive. I hear dad say, ‘Hey Brook, come and help us set up.’ I slowly make my way over to the tree line on the edge of the broad sandy beach. We all set up the tents ready for our three day camp before we all go back to school. Hamish, my best friend and I are ready for a thrilling and exhilarating occasion. From my perspective the best thing about this place is that there is a great view of ocean right next to it and a huge deep scrub on the opposite side. At night the sound of the sea is great, the roaring waves that reach out trying to grab you can be heard.


I am woken by the crashing waves and the sound of seagulls chatting to each other. I hear the rough sizzling sound; I’m guessing and hoping its bacon. My tummy is making cruel, harsh, brutal sounds and that cooking is not helping one bit. After my crispy bacon and my yummy eggs I decide to go for a walk out into the scrub. I walk for a while not seeing anything interesting, certainly nothing is catching my eye. One thing that come into sight and makes me curious is a strange footprint with a very distinctive shape. I sit there examining it for a few minutes. It’s a large distinguished unexpected form in the ground. It has no toes and is a cloverleaf foot shape except twenty times bigger. This unusual shape is one that I’ve never seen before and I feel uncomfortable and I no longer feel like walking. I turn back and head towards the campsite. I get back and I can’t see anyone. I hear yelling and screaming in the distance and I realise that they are in the deep blue having a swim, having a pleasurable and relaxing time. Everyone gradually and at a snail’s pace makes their way back to the tent. Subsequently we all realise that something is not right. The fires out, we’re perplexed. It had plenty of wood, in fact it still does. It’s like someone has come and dumped a bucket of water on it. I’m bewildered.


With inquisitiveness filled up in everyone, we all just continued on with our afternoon. That night we all sat around the campfire discussing the episode. The next morning I woke up to the same sounds of the birds and the crashing waves. That morning I kept thinking about the fire, accept I think we all just though it was natural so we half forgot about it. I go for a wander down along the beach still thinking about the fire, but I soon give up and head back towards the camp.


I’m really confused now. When I got back from my walk everyone was in silence and not talking and then I discovered what was wrong. Half of our food was gone, disappeared. It has to be some sort of beast, I thought to myself as I scavenged through what was left of the food. Later that night we all started to talk about the incident once again. I think we are all glad we’re leaving tomorrow; well at least I know I am, before the devil gets all of us. I sit there staring at the fire where the red-hot flames leap into the air. I look into the coals then realizing the fire needs a feed like all of us and so I get up and go for a walk to collect some sticks.


I get a fair way out then I start to feel a sense that something is close. It feels as though the trees have stoped blowing, the breeze has dropped and all the night time sounds of grass hopers the other insects and bugs go quiet. I start to feel scared because I am something is following me, a creature, a demon filled to the brim with evil. I’m starting to sweat, I’m horrified, and I feel the blow of its revolting smelly breath on the back of my neck. I can also feel the vibration of its footsteps over mine. I’m starting to get taste of panic in my mouth and a gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. The fear in my body makes me stop. It makes me look around. I shine the torch down the scrubby track I had just been on, but nothing. Adrenaline makes me continue on my mission to collect sticks. I keep looking around, desperate to sight the devil. I’m sure I’m not imaging it. There’s too much fear in me to be imagining it. I feel as though there is a monstrous shadow over me.


I give up. I’m too scared. I run towards the campsite. I run fast. I run really fast. I run flat out. I run faster than I ever have before. I still know it’s following me because I can hear the sticks breaking underneath its feet. I break into the campsite clearing, no one. Not even the fire is alight. I rush into the tent looking for life. Nothing. I look through the wall of the tent and in the moonlight I see what’s been chasing me.


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